Boithuto Community Project

Luisah Rafoma saw a need within Jackson Informal Settlement approximately 7 years ago with children who needed a place to go in the afternoons , receive a meal and stay off the streets.

At first she only had access to cabbage and beetroot and this is what the children ate day in and day out. From June 2014 , I met Luisah and immediately starting marketing Boithuto and we starting receiving donations slowly but surely. We now feed up to 160 children and 45 elderly everyday. We manage to feed the elderly 2x a day.

We are also in the process of starting a building project building houses for the elderly as well as handing out monthly grocery parcels to our elderly folk. Other projects that we are involved in is the upgrading of the childrens area with jungle gyms , a synthetic grass area with a canopy where the children sit and eat and read from our library.

We would like to see this project grow into skills development to equip people to sustain themselves.



Working together to create a better life…



After school, everyday the children arrive at Boithuto in Jackson with their little lunch boxes, expecting for it to be filled…..

The elderly collect their food in the morning. Everyday, from Monday to Thursday a meal of chicken, soya, meaty bones, vegetables, rice and pap is cooked and on a Friday the children receive sandwiches. Food is one of our basic human needs and our aim is not only to provide the one daily meal but to add foods like yoghurt, fruits, juices, snacks etc to their daily diet.

The elderly need sustenance and the children need food to grow physically and mentally and to stay healthy, as many of them have health issues and challenges. All of our recipients live in extremely vulnerable conditions and many just through lack of proper nutrition do not reach their full potential.



A house/shelter is another basic human need. Everyone living in Jacksonville lives in an appalling condition of poverty and neglect. Up to 5 people or more live in a “shack” – many sleeping on the floor or sharing a bed with a parent or sibling. All of the shacks either leak, are hot in summer and cold in winter, or simply burn to the floor because of unattended candles.

We have started rebuilding homes for our 2 target groups, viz:
Elderly and child-headed homes. These homes come equipped with 2 solar lights in order to eliminate fires as a result of candles.




We are currently assisting 40 elderly with their various needs. We provide blankets during winter, give them 1 meal per day, provide food parcels when donated and regularly host a ‘tea party’ for them. They are also the main target group for housing. We would like to extend a monthly food parcel drive to the neediest of families.




We strive to assist those who are unemployed to find permanent and suitable job placements….Together with a photographer, Marius Henning, we have started a project where we aim to take a 1007 photographs and CV’s of “unemployed faces of Jacksonville.”




Our main focus other than feeding the children daily is to provide an area for them where they can come and play, feel safe, loved and secure and resources in our library for them to do their homework.

We would like to do this by building a large jungle gym, sandpit, grass area with a canopy for shade, an area to play cricket and/or soccer, swings in the trees and boxing bags for the older boys. We have a library equipped with books and would love to have volunteers to help us in the afternoons to read to the children and help with homework.




We have run this project over the past 2 years relying completely on donations. We give the children a lunch, a gift and a jumping castle for the day.




Boithuto has been featured on a number of occasions in the local newspaper – Southern Courier on 8th August 2016 as well as a feature to be printed the week of 12th October 2016

Louisa and myself have also been awarded from the Mondeor Police in recognition for the work we do in the community.