To place value and restore purpose…

We do not receive any grants or any funding from the Government whatsoever, and are entirely dependant on individual and business sponsors, as well as our own fundraising projects.

Any financial assistance is always appreciated.

Boithuto Community Project
Nedbank Account
Mall of the South
Savings Account
Account no. 2008850463
Branch Code: 101337

Food donations are always welcomed, not only to feed the children daily but also to make up food parcels.

Baby formula, nappies, baby products and cleaning aids are also always welcome.

Basic medical requirements such as Dettol, plasters, cottonwool, antiseptic cream, gauze, mercurochrome etc are also welcome.

Gas for our gas stove and gas freezer.

Volunteers to help out in the afternoons with feeding, reading, interacting with the children, loving them and general monitoring of children.

Toys and party packs as well as a meal for our annual Christmas function.

Synthetic grass and a canopy for our rest area situated by the library.

We would also like to enclose the area where we feed the children and they play, as we are directly on the main road.  This is for the children’s safety and to eliminate theft of Boithuto’s possessions.

We wish to thank you for your interest in our projects and your willingness to become involved and help us make a difference in those less fortunate.